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The Best Artist Of 2009 is?..

You may have already seen something interesting in the left hand column of our website..  it's our poll where you can vote for your favourite artist of 2009.

You can vote from any page on our website -->  try the home page.

We've taken a selection of the most popular artists this year... they are:

Todd White

Todd White's work has caught the imagination of art collectors around the world in addition to many Hollywood celebrities, members of the Rich List and ambassadors of the high life. At face value, the pieces appear as simple caricature. Contorted body shapes and exaggerated expressions expose a past in cartooning and animation; the perfect place to develop the skills to understand character from a simple look, or simulate body language with utmost economy.

Sarah Jane Szikora

Coming from a large family Sarah Jane Szikora was constantly looking for ways to amuse herself and soon discovered that drawing and painting were by far her favourite. She enjoyed art and music classes, so it was natural to pursue an artistic career. Sarah completed a foundation course at Harrogate College of Art where she studied a range of subjects, including photography, sculpture and graphics. During this time she maintained a lifelong interest in simple drawing, and always enjoyed the life class most.

Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde is well known for recently being named as the UK's best selling artist, and has often been featured on the BBC news- both national and local. He has also appeared on channel 4 and various radio shows and won the title of 'The most popular living artist in the UK' from BBC National News.
Doug Hyde's art will almost certainly put a smile on your face, just from the affection you begin to feel for the subjects in his paintings.

Henderson Cisz

Henderson Cisz paints in a very characteristic fashion with soft tones and paints many images of cities in a beautifully mood stirring style.  He always brings out the effect of weather on the appearance of the urban environment. Not only does this subtly affect the way the people in the painting are standing, but it affects the way the observer feels too.

Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar's prints are incredibly emotive, prompting touching memories of families and loved ones that have long since gone, powerfully mixing sadness and humour.
Inspired by his native town of Springside, and his adopted home of Newcastle, Alexander Millar's paintings depict the shambling shapes of the old "gadgies"; he would see these crumpled characters traveling to and from work, or slightly worse for wear coming back from the pub.

Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton's infectious sense of humour shines through her work, somehow managing to create paintings that do not resort to lampooning the classic works and icons of popular culture it inspires. Instead, Caroline draws on genuine affection for the subjects, and you can't help but enjoy the cheeky punning of Caroline Shotton's artwork.

Paul Kenton

As a teenager, Paul Kenton learnt to surf on the wild beaches of North Devon and as a keen surfer he has travelled the world realising inspiration for another passion; his art.  Much like Henderson Cisz, he takes great inspiration from the sea and paints wonderfully perceptive urban landscapes.
He says: "My Cityscapes reflect the many moods of manmade landscapes; I find it exhilarating to express furious movement, artificial lights and the vibrancy of a busy City centre at night as well as the subtler moods of a misty dawn at the same venue."

Vote for your favourite artist today, to decide who will be the nation's most popular artist of 2009!

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