Original Art

Original Art

There are so many incredible, original pieces at The Enid Hutt Gallery, the choice is astounding. Framed or boxed canvas art from a variety of eclectic and unique artists, depicting subject matter from figurative and landscape work to incredible abstract imagery.

Buying an original piece of art is both exhilarating and rewarding. To think of the artist's ideas and concepts unfolded on the canvas (or whichever platform his or her creativity is built on to), art is in its most true and immediate form. One glaring thing you'll find when, looking through the original art at The Enid Hutt Gallery online, is the level of quality and accomplishment that these talented artists have to offer.

When making the choice to buy original art, we can base our decision on things like value and worth. To buy quality original art is to make a major purchase, so the main thing to consider is how much a piece grabs you. We know that feeling in a gallery, enjoying certain pieces, finding that others are not so much to our taste, and then a piece appears that is outstanding.

Abstract and Ethereal: Buy Original Art from The Enid Hutt Gallery

The internationally collected abstract work of John Milan is created by adding layers of colour and shapes, giving an impression of a culminated memory of ideas and images. It is almost as though your mind is remembering a room full of details without context, giving a fascinating visual experience. Janet Rogers amazing flexibility of expression is evident in very different abstract styles. From the dream-like moonlit landscapes to solid blocks of deep red, Janet Rogers adds inventive gold leaf accents, fashioning powerful creations.

Popular original paintings featuring flora and fauna are perennially successful. The large, bold flowers from Amanda McAndrew's Pride and Charm are derived from a real love of nature, alive with detail yet remains unfussy and tranquil. Art from Wight Studios has a similar clean look, detailed with metallics.

Original paintings in acrylic, oil and watercolour are represented by artists such as David Renshaw, Lillias Blackie and Raya. David Renshaw's landscapes are bursting with rich colours depicting shores and Tuscan Hillsides. Lillias Blackie wants to share the wonder of nature, from the exquisite beauty of a single poppy to inviting landscapes. The work of Raya brings a joyful, stylised landscapes featuring satisfying and serene countryside.

When choosing to buy original art from The Enid Hutt Gallery, this is a great opportunity to begin collecting original art, or add to your existing collection. We are on hand to provide advice and excellent customer service, ensuring you not only enjoy the piece, but have the best experience when making your purchase.

Sensational Original Paintings at Enid Hutt

Our collection of impressive works by named artists feature a selection of pieces for all tastes. We include fine pieces from artists all over the globe and have a special collection of original Scottish art. Powerful figural work and beautiful landscapes are the perfect addition to your home.

We don't just have remarkable prints and exacting copies of work by these gifted artists; you too can own original paintings without breaking the bank. As an art lover, you'll love the variety of impressive items that make up our surprising inventory. Treat yourself from the broad selection of original paintings and sculptures at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

From oil to watercolour to mixed media... each incredible piece is brimming with the artist's vision. These original paintings are so full of character, and there's something special in owning a piece that has been created by each individual brush stroke. You can feel the texture and the life that has been breathed into each work of art, and it is your chance to experience exactly what the artist is conveying.

Boxed canvasses, framed pieces and more can be found here online. Our range features extraordinary new artists, as well as established names in their field. Whether you prefer contemporary, abstracts or sweeping vistas, we know you will find the perfect accompaniment to your home, to your collection. We alos offer fantastic original illustrations and urban artworks to explore.

If you see a piece from our great collection of original paintings that you like, and you want to find out more, please do give us a call. We're on hand to answer any of your enquiries, and look forward to hearing from you!

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