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Alex Echo

Never have I created a 'single' work of art. Instead, each new piece is an experiment in aesthetic engineering. With every new work I attempt to construct a bridge to a new idea.

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Alex Echo was born in Colorado, USA in 1958 and now lives in the UK. He creates mixed media collages, paintings, and sculptures that are inspired by artists before him - he 'stands on their shoulders' to further their works and to create new pieces in his life time of work.

Inspired by abstract expressionism and artists like Cy Twombly and Brice Marden who favoured gesture and mark making, to Conceptual Art with artists such as Joseph Kosuth and Sol LeWitt and then back through history to Rothko and Turner for their use of light, shape, colour, vastness and grandeur. Alex Echo uses this wonderful resource to fuel his ideas forward and build on previous art and each piece he creates is a connecting part of the bigger picture.

Alex Echo is also influence by the pattern of language and layer information on top of information. Taking the words of writers and their ideas to create a collaboration that tries to make sense rather than 'make art'.

His artwork has been included in collections across the globe and Alex Echo was commissioned to create a patterned piece for Sir Paul Smith to use in the fabric for women's SS11 collection.

Our collection of Alex Echo prints include some exciting piece that have a wonderful application of colour and use of light. Intricate brush strokes draw your eye and allow your mind to reflect on the artwork's layers.

Here at Enid Hutt we have a wonderful selection of signed limited edition prints that are available either mounted or framed ready to be displayed and enjoyed.

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