Banksy original artork for sale -yellow wheel clamp with rats graffiti


At the Enid Hutt Gallery, we are honoured to be able to present an exquisite and tantalising example of Banksy original art, in the form of a wheel clamp from Glastonbury Festival, with his unique and characteristic graffiti pattern of rats.

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Best Known Street Artist

Banksy is without a doubt the best-known street artist to have emerged from the urban art movement, and this not been without good reason. Combining bold visuals a distinctly mischievous, satirical and cutting wit, his work exists both as art and social commentary.

About Banksy

Although remaining an elusive figure to this day, it is thought that Banksy was born in Bristol, a place where many of his early wall pieces are still to be found. From those early days, he has gone on to bring his street art to the whole of the world, even working in places such as the Gaza Strip, with each of his projects bringing with it an intelligently considered viewpoint on current political events and on the world of culture and art.

Banksy Original Art For Sale

Whether it is with his slippery and teasingly obfuscating documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, his artwork in the migrant camps in Calais, or more recently his live shredding of his ‘Balloon Girl’ piece at an auction, Banksy’s original artwork is now at a stage where, with its interactive nature, its self-reflexivity and its relentless sardonic creative energy, it has become undoubtedly attained an iconic status in our age.

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