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Ben Wainwright

Ben Wainwright is a child of the 1960’s who hails from Manchester. He showed great artistic talent from an early age and was always drawing and painting in his youth. He began his career as a graphic designer but always had the ambition to become a professional artist. He kept painting and developed a unique approach that has resulted in exciting and collectable work that we are delighted to feature at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

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Ben’s paintings capture slices of city and rural life. Each work is monochrome but the striking paintings often feature a single and surprising element of colour. City scenes often highlight the frenetic nature of the environment with traffic laden streets flanked by tall buildings and busy sidewalks. He captures life both in the UK and across the pond and his memorable works have a retro, cinematic quality.

Ben Wainwright’s original and instantly recognisable oils on canvas are becoming highly collectable. He is an artist to watch whose work we thoroughly recommend.

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