Carly Ashdown Figurative Art

Carly Ashdown

Carly Ashdown’s art is vibrant, expressive and always inspires an emotional response. It is dynamic, uplifting and brilliantly portrays the joy of life. Her dance inspired figurative pieces explore the human condition in her unique and colourful style. At the Enid Hutt gallery we are showcasing Carly Ashdown’s eye catching work with signed boxed canvas limited editions. Carly Ashdown is now a much loved artist with a growing reputation and her artwork is now highly collectable.

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Carly Ashdown began drawing people as a young child. She used her sketches as a means to explore and make sense of her world. Even her childhood drawings featured great movement and creating energy in her compositions gave her a feeling of release.

She went on to complete a degree in Art and Design and during her studies she focussed on film and photography. This led to a successful career in television working for the BBC and Channel 4. She remained fascinated by the human experience and human nature. This led her to train in psychotherapy and to volunteer at the charity Mind. A better understanding of the human condition and personal development was later to inform her art.

Eventually Carly’s need to draw and paint took over and she began to forge a new career as an artist. She loved exploring the limitless possibilities of paint and the ways in which she could evoke emotional responses. She found herself greatly influenced by the artist Jackson Pollock. He pioneered a unique technique of drip painting, a technique which Carly now integrates with figurative painting.

Carly Ashdown begins the creative process by exploring images in books and online or amongst her own photographs. She then creates a series of sketches which she gradually evolves. When she feels ready she begins painting and works instinctively. She creates a charcoal outline which is then washed over with water. She then carefully selects a colour palette and drips acrylic paint down the canvas. Carly moves on to alternate between the energetic addition of colour and more intricate work to achieve the finished piece.

The figures are dynamic, fluid and simply jump off the canvas and there is great power and expression in every detail. Each time you explore her work you will feel an intense desire to see what would have happened next. Each painting is like a single frame of a movie frozen in time and you will wish that you could release the pause button to see the rest of the film.

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