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Charlotte Greene

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we are always delighted to showcase the work of exciting British artists. Our collection features the work of many up and coming artists whose fabulous originality is well worth exploring. This certainly includes the eye catching Charlotte Greene original paintings.

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Charlotte Greene was born in Cumbria in 1971. She enjoyed drawing from an early age and in her teens began sketching figures and still life. She believes that her creative talent was inherited from her mother who was an amateur artist. Charlotte’s artistic development was slow because of her commitment to her family but her love of drawing and painting never went away.

In her twenties she began painting in watercolours but soon moved to painting in oils. She loved the detail that she could achieve with oils but had enjoyed the looser style of her watercolours. No surprise then that her style has evolved to reflect both approaches. In her recent oils, her figurative subjects are bold and detailed but are presented against looser, more ethereal backgrounds.

Her subjects are chic and stylish men, women and couples, often dancing or striking provocative poses. They have a luminous quality that leaps off the canvas and a curiously timeless look. Charlotte’s unique style has instant appeal and we are sure that her work will attract interest from enthusiastic collectors. We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to invest in Charlotte Greene’s impressive original oils.

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