David Pilgrim Original Art

David Pilgrim

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we are excited to offer you original acrylics on canvas by British artist David Pilgrim. David is an Essex based artist with a background in graphic design. This experience has helped to imbue his compositions with a sense of structure and drama. His work is notable for its amazing atmosphere and luminous light. His approach to street scenes and cityscapes elevates them from the mundane to the captivating. He enjoys working in oils and acrylics to capture every aspect of light and colour in his chosen scenes.

Buy David Pilgrim Originals - Acrylic on Canvas

David has been painting professionally for a decade and more. He depicts the streets and skylines of Europe’s great cities in a way that transforms the familiar into the fascinating. There is vibrancy to his work that perfectly captures the essence of city life whilst highlighting subtle details that invite the viewer to re-examine the scene.

David Pilgrim’s original work is highly collectable and has garnered an enthusiastic following. We would encourage you to take this opportunity to invest in one or more of his enthralling pieces whilst they remain available. His work would grace any home, whether traditional or contemporary, and is sure to delight those who know and love the great cities that he paints.

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