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David Rees

David Rees studied History of Art before becoming a professional artist and launching on a journey of exploration to discover how he wanted to paint. He works in oils on large canvases and explores the artistic portrayal of the female form. His focus is on the construction of an image and the form emerges through a seemingly chaotic approach. Form is not planned, predestined or forced on the image but allowed to emerge as the work evolves.

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Rees's work delves into the relationship between colour and weight and how that is understood by those who view his images. Paint is applied with energy by throwing or using a palette knife and the result is a compelling and spontaneous composition that appears almost unfinished. The viewer is drawn in and examines how the individual smears, splatters and strokes come together to achieve a powerful piece.

Colours are strong and luminous in the portraits which offer an impressionist feel in contemporary figurative art that is both striking and original. David Rees believes that his work to date has been a journey to find his voice and that would appear to be a powerful one!

We are delighted to present some stunning signed limited edition boxed canvases, including simply titled Girl I and Girl II. David Rees has said of girl I "For me this painting is about the moment of feeling yourself fall to sleep; a bizarre vertigo overcomes you and you collapse into subconsciousness."

Girl I and Girl II are presented in editions of just 95 pieces. These dramatic, thought provoking and colourful paintings will doubtless prove to be the beginning of a very exciting body of work.

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