Debra Stroud prints - abstract orange sunset

Debra Stroud

Discover our collection of Debra Stroud prints as signed limited edition. Colourful and dramatic paintings of seascapes, sunsets and the sky that capture the power, atmosphere and mood we can experience with nature.

"The sea with it's continually changing moods, has always been the greatest source of inspiration for me. There is a great sense of calm and tranquility. The sound of the waves crashing, that distinctive smell and the wind on your face." - Debra Stroud

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A Creative Drive

Debra Stroud was born in Guildford and her early years were creative and innovative. At school the arts were encouraged. Debra would also design new toys and inventions and then send them to manufacturers with the hope that they would make her ideas a reality. She keen to start a photograph course at Guildford School of Art, however her plans were thwarted by her father. Instead she went on to study Psycology at Sussex University and later Philosophy in London.

Diverse Travels

Debra has had a varied career and has travelled extensively including place such as South Africa, Seychelles and California. She is inspired by the locations she has seen and feels drawn back to the coast and the sea for her colourful artworks. Her painting process requires peace and quiet for a full creative focus and she often chooses her medium, oils or watercolour, depending on her mood.

Buy Debra Stroud Prints

Find some stunning examples of Debra Stroud's prints here at Enid Hutt Gallery. The signed limited edition prints showcase Debra's atmospheric abstract works and would be a prized addition to anyones home or workspace.

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