Edward Waite original

Edward Waite

Here we have an exciting selection of Edward Waite original paintings. Edward is a British contemporary artist who creates bold cityscapes which capture the vibrancy and architecture of the cities such as London, New York, Paris and many others. These original artworks feature Edward Waites exciting painting style which combines mark making and a quick and fluid paint application.

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Edward Waite grew up in the coastal town of Skegness where he enjoyed art at school and used his passion for surfing as a subject for some of his artwork. On moving to Lincoln to study Fine Art at university, Edward was struck by the buildings and buzz of the city. He was influenced by artists such as Keifer, Pollock and Kline which meant that mark making and layering became important parts of his creative works.

Edward also spent some time travelling and was continuously sketching while he on the move. Building on these sketches, some would evolve into mixed media paintings. He now has a technique for apply paint using squeezable bottles to create fluid lines; building layers and structure into his original works. The artwork then becomes something between a sketch and a painting and echos the fast pace city life as well as the buildings, bridges and landmarks that can be found.

We a please to present some fantastic Edward Waite originals for you ready framed and available with free UK delivery over £150.

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