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Elaine Mather

An award winning British artist, Elaine Mather was born in Blackburn, Lancashire and still lives in the area. She was a successful textile designer working for some of the most prestigious British and American textile companies before becoming a full time artist.

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Elaine produced designs for Liberty Textiles and during her time there she was asked to create a bonsai tree design. The intricacies of the miniature trees and their textures induced a fascination with trees which she has described as "giant protectors of the environment". Elaine has also long admired the work of Vincent Van Gogh. She adores his bold use of colour and tries to emulate this in her own compositions.

A great respect for trees and an appreciation for the way they punctuate and dominate the landscape informs Elaine Mather’s fabulous and unique work. Her compositions are striking and bold and serve to highlight the majestic nature of trees. She is inspired by trees in nature and spends much time walking in the countryside of the UK and Europe. She sketches and photographs what she sees and revels in the stunning landscapes which inform her paintings.

Her paintings boast impressive texture and reflect the grandeur of trees, the changing seasons and the amazing colours of the natural world. She says that "Nature is the most beautiful thing in the world, yet we are so quick to destroy it". She believes that her bold approach and vibrant colours will ensure that her trees capture the attention of those who see them and inspire a greater appreciation of her favourite subjects.

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we are proud to be able to showcase the work of Elaine Mather. The outstanding collection of signed limited editions is sure to impress. Elaine’s artwork has attracted the attention of many British and international collectors. Offering a genuinely original approach with a contemporary feel, Elaine’s fine pieces would be wonderful additions to your own collection.

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