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Govinder Nazran

The Enid Hutt Gallery is proud to be able to present this selection of limited edition signed prints and accessories from the late Govinder Nazran, who said of his work ‘my true personality reveals itself through my paintings.’ Get to know this wonderful and rich personality through his abstract work here at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

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About Govinder Nazran

Govinder Nazran was born in Birmingham in 1964. After studying graphic design and then working for a while in the illustrating business in London, Nazran in 1999 made his move to go solo and become a full time professional artist, which he was able to do thanks to being published and promoted by fine art publishers Washington Green.

Duality in Art

His paintings often featured animals, as he played with the visual construction of the dualities of good and evil, regularly presenting two almost identical yet separate animals to create the sense of this strange split in the world. Nazran would use solid oil bars directly onto canvas and would then manipulate the paint with his hands.


On the nature of his inspiration for his more abstract forms, he said: ‘From life seen through the window of a speeding car, or the blurred reflection of a city seen through bleary eyes, to the depiction of a single moment of intense emotion expressed through layers of paint. It’s a very pure art form.’

Highly Revered Artist

Govinder Nazran tragically died before his time in 2008 at the age of only 44. This though was not before he had become a renowned name in the art world, selling out tours to Japan where his work was highly revered, whilst also in 2004 winning the ‘Best Selling Published Artist’ in the industry’s Fine Art Trade Guild Awards.

Celebrate his legacy by enjoying his art and experiencing the inner personality of a truly beautiful mind. Explore our selection of Govinder Nazran prints and even accessories such as cufflinks that would make a fabulous gift for a fan.

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