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Graham Illingworth

We are thrilled to showcase Graham Illingworth prints in the shape of signed limited edition hand pulled silkscreen prints which truly capture the imagination. The fascinating imagery fo a magical and mystical nature, bold colours and intricacy of composition combine to create show stopping pieces.

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We live in a world where almost any achievement is subject to an incredible level of self publicity. A world in which media coverage is pursued with a passion and acceptance as even a Z list celebrity is an acceptable ambition. How rare, then, to find an individual of exceptional talent who shuns the limelight and who maintains such a low profile that it borders on anonymity. Graham Illingworth is a prodigious artistic talent who remains in the shadows whilst his work decidedly basks in the sunshine.

What we do know is that Illingworth was born in 1953. His childhood was spent in the mining communities around Brighouse in Yorkshire, the city of York and the Kent coast. Perhaps unlikely locations to inspire a budding young artist. He undertook three years of formal art training before working in the world of publishing where he gained the knowledge and the skills that enabled him to strike out on his own.

It is the dynamics of opposing forces and the nature of foreign cultures that fascinate Illingworth and inform his striking print work. His highly original approach features African, Japanese and Chinese artistic themes together with magical imagery that creates a mystical feel. He uses orthodox mediums to create complex and detailed works with an air of fantasy.

The mystical nature of Graham Illingworth’s work is perhaps in keeping with his reclusive nature and certainly renders it more understandable. His lack of self-promotion has enhanced rather than diminished his reputation and has lent a mythical status to this now much celebrated British artist. His work is certainly highly sort after. Limited editions are often sold out before the printing process has even been completed. His anonymity has merely served to place the spotlight firmly on his work.

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