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Joe Bowen

Joe Bowen Original Artwork and Paintings

Joe Bowen originals are a truly spectacular thing to behold and we are very excited, here at the Enid Hutt Gallery, to be able to show you just why that is. Joe lives with his family in the heart of Mid Wales, and so, naturally, landscapes act as a major inspiration. With that said, he is just as adept when it comes to capturing the essential feel of many a cityscape. When you look at Bowen's paintings of city environments, you get that kind of grand sweep that you might indeed normally associate with natural landscape art. Such is the level of passion that Joe Bowen has for all that is beautiful, he treats all aesthetic subjects the same, whether people, buildings, or fields. This love of life shines through in his work.

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Technical Mastery

It is not just about being passionate and empathetic, though, as this only gets you some of the way. To be truly great when it comes to artistic expression, you also need to have the skill, and Joe certainly has this in abundance. Take a look at any of Jow Bowen's art, and you will be looking upon a wonderful technical display. The classical technique on show is perhaps why his city paintings have captivated an audience worldwide. It is certainly one of the reasons why his artwork is so entrancing.

Beautiful City Paintings

Joe started off in his artistic career focusing primarily on traditional figurative painting, and this much is certainly on show in his work to this day. There is a true mastery of spacing, light, texture, detail, colour and overall composition. This level of beautiful realism really brings his city paintings alive with a sense of vivid and vigorous life. More recently, he has expanded on his repertoire to develop his style into something more liberal. Still holding onto that initial love for figurative painting, his artwork brings with it a sense of magic, which makes the viewer want to sink into the world that he conjures. Full of joyfulness and a warmth of spirit, Bowen's art would be a welcome addition to any home or collection.

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