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Kealey Farmer

Kealey Farmer Original Artwork, Paintings and Prints

We love this Kealey Farmer original art and we think that you will too. Kealey Farmer has been passionate about art for her whole life. As a child growing up in Derbyshire, she was constantly doodling and drawing pictures. It was not, however, until the birth of her second child that she began to pursue in earnest a career in art. Self-taught, Kealey is a true talent. She is driven by a deep need to express herself, and she is certainly helped along by a wealth of natural ability.

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Self-Taught Artist Talent

Kealey Farmer likes to experiment a lot with the ways in which she paints. When she first took to the canvas, she would experiment with swirls of acrylic paint and bring together ideas of colour theory and interior design aesthetics. Her work flourished and became hugely successful. Her first collection was inspired by how individuals feel rather than what they see. This abstract work examined how colours can reflect and shape mood.

Experimental Methods

She has not stopped experimenting, and her artwork is always a treat for the senses. Kealey has, in particular, recently developed ways in which to use hand cut glass and Swarovski crystal embellishments in her mixed media art. She doesn't stay still and exist in one lane. She is always thinking about how alternative media, outside-the-box methods and surprising textures will bring something special to her stunning artwork.

Distinct Artistic Vision

A great appeal of her work is its authenticity. Since embarking on her full-time career in art in 2003, Kealey has done things the way that she wants to do them. This no doubt stems from her self-taught perspective. What you see in front of you in her work is her emotions and personality. There is certainly a feel-good quality to Kealey Farmer originals, which always seems to be a celebration of all things exquisite and aesthetically sublime. Her confident, captivating work has only been heightened to a new level of intensity with her masterful uses of 3D texture and materials in her work. She is one of the most exciting and collectible UK contemporary artists, and we are glad to have some of her work in the Enid Hutt Gallery for you to explore.

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