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Laura Tinald

Laura Tinald has been passionate about drawing and painting since her childhood. Her original inspiration was Disney films. Loving Disney’s animated films, she was excited to discover that they were made by a series of pictures drawn by animators. Pictures that were then used to breathe life into the memorable characters. As she grew older Tinald became fascinated by Pre-Raphaelite paintings and would visit galleries to study the works before using her father’s finest paint brushes to create her own pieces.

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Laura was to complete an Art Foundation course at Bourneville Art College before studying Fashion Promotion and Illustration at the University for Creative Arts in Surrey. She had studied at length but developed her own individual style by drawing and painting in her own time. She had inherited her artistic talent from her father but was determined to evolve her own very personal style. Dante Rossetti’s painting Proserpine was the piece that changed everything for Laura. She loved the subject of the picture with her long flowing locks and the texture that Rossetti crafted. She admired the artist’s ability to capture female curves and the shine of their hair. Laura has also been influenced by fashion illustrator David Downton. She greatly admires his talent for capturing the essence of women using so few lines.

In Laura Tinald's art she uses a wide range of materials for her work but particularly favours Indian ink as it enables her to use rich and vivid colours. The ink is also easy to manipulate and so results in striking effects. The signature ink splashes in her creations are inserted impulsively as she works rather than being added later. They bring drama and originality to the drawings. The female face is Laura’s preferred subject which she explores with her stylized strokes and concise lines. She loves to capture the beauty of the female form and to explore the glamorous and sultry sides of feminine beauty.

Laura has exhibited her artworks with West London Art Factory in and around London, and also at Urban in Ibiza. Recently Laura has created a series of Shakespearian heroines for Sweet Theatre Ltd and these reside at Fortnum & Mason and The RSC Theatre, Stratford.

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