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Lorraine Christie

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lorraine Christie now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a classically trained artist and yet prefers to be regarded as self-taught. She believes that it is not possible to become a true artist until you absorb the world around you and develop a unique style with which to interpret what you feel.

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Lorraine Christie has been a professional artist since 1990. She first experienced success in Ireland, where her work remains much sought after. But her reputation quickly spread and her paintings are now a feature of many private and corporate collections around the world. It was her still-life compositions which first garnered attention but she is perhaps now best known for her romantic scenes. She captures romantic moments between couples who are often depicted in the street and in motion.

Lorraine’s works frequently feature wet weather. The rain and the subdued backgrounds of her compositions are the perfect foil for the tender moments expressed. Bright colour is introduced via the garments and umbrellas of the people going about their daily lives. Her impressionistic style creates a timeless feel and contributes to the sense of movement that she is able to convey.

It isn’t hard to understand why Lorraine Christie has been the recipient of significant international acclaim. Her ability to imbue her subjects with great warmth and emotion is evident in every one of her skilful compositions.

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