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Mark Edwards

"I like routine. I regard painting as my job, if there are days when I feel flat, then I will force myself to work through it. I really don?t believe in inspiration, just hard work."

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Mark Edwards is an incredibly talented illustrator and artist, and he was always known as the 'arty one' at school. He went to art college but left before he completed his degree, such was his keeness to begin a career in art. He ended up teaching art for several years but his art classes were starting to eat into his painting time.

With his wife, he travelled to the tip of the highlands and rented an old shepherds cottage. He lived there for 30 years, making a living through illustrating for books and showing his art in Scottish galleries. His varied illustration techniques have been analysed within the 'new guide to illustration', and his fine art work exhibited in various galleries and shows across the country.

Mark Edwards prints here at the Enid Hutt Gallery feature figures in the woods. Mark Edwards says: "These men in hats and coats dressed from a different era appear isolated, even when in groups?they inhabit a wood that seems not only to define them and protect them, but also occasionally threaten."

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