Robert Oxley Artist

Robert Oxley

Robert Oxley is a self taught artist living in Stockport, Greater Manchester. He has exhibited across the UK and has been included in several publications. Robert's low brow pop surrealist artworks have the appearance of being painted in a loose and expressionistic style but when you look closely you see the detail and control of each brush stroke. Here at Enid Hutt we feature a selection of Robert Oxley prints including signed limited editions on canvas.

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Robert Oxley has always loved painting and was influenced by horror films and rock music when he was younger. Having taken art at A level, Robert Oxley then went on to study at degree level but felt he the courses were repetitive and not advanced enough, so he taught himself by trying things out and never giving up on a piece.

Robert's previous artworks have focused on photorealism and exploring ideas of natural history, habitat loss and extinction of species. This collection of signed limited edition Robert Oxley prints shows a new perspective for the artist. Robert is now distorting images that he has spent years making as real as possible.

The wildlife in Robert's paintings appear to be melting away but on closer inspection they are have a psychedelic quality and are carefully considered and skilfully painted. This idea of something appearing free and loose but is in fact much more complex is often found in nature.

Some of Robert's artistic influences include American cartoonist Robert Crumb, British artist Glenn Brown, and American artist Robert Williams.

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