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Tim Cotterill

Better known as the Frogman, Tim Cotterill has always been fascinated by frogs. His passion for the creatures began when he was a small child and played in the woods close to his home. These stunning bronze Frogman sculptures capture the whimsical nature of these colourful animals and enable you to create a striking collection for your home.

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Tim Cotterill's Early Years

Tim Cotterill was born in Leicester in 1950. His mother would place pictures of colourful birds next to his bed and these sparked a passion for nature. As he grew up, he started to visit the local woods where he discovered a huge variety of wildlife. Tim would collect frogs, newts and tadpoles from the woods and also built an aviary in his back garden where he bred colourful birds.

From Engineer to Artist

Surprisingly, Tim began his working life as an engineer and later moved into car repairs. He learnt to weld and discovered a love for working in metal. He also became a skilled landscaper and stonemason. Tim enjoyed working outdoors but one day, when bad weather forced him indoors, he decided to visit an art exhibition. He was struck by the fact that the sculptures he saw would have been created using skills that he already had.

After visiting the exhibition, Tim created his first metal sculpture, an owl, and later managed to sell it. He was excited by the thought that people would invest in something that he had made. He started to sculpt regularly but was also building motorcycles. Tim was splitting his time between California and the UK, taking inspiration from the wildlife that he encountered in both locations.

Characterful Frog Sculptures

Tim Cotterill eventually acquired his own studio in Leicester and continued to sculpt birds but when he began working on frogs, everything changed. His wonderfully characterful and colourful frogs immediately garnered huge attention and have remained enormously popular ever since. He has now returned to California but continues to create his magical frogs which have stolen so many hearts.

We are thrilled to showcase Tim’s incredible artwork here at The Enid Hutt Gallery and we are sure that you will be entranced by the bronze Frogman sculptures that we have chosen to feature. Tim Cotterill sculptures are certainly not to be missed!

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