Why are Doug Hyde Artworks so Popular?

Doug Hyde is well known for recently being named as the UK’s best selling artist, and has often been featured on the BBC news- both national and local. He has also appeared on channel 4 and various radio shows and won the title of ‘The most popular living artist in the UK’ from BBC National News.

Doug Hyde was born in 1972 in Bristol, and throughout his early life was always focused on art, so it was no surprise that this became his chosen career. Doug Hyde’s art is contemporary and very distinctive, his subjects filling the majority of the painting in a bold, larger-than-life style. This ensures the painting achieves maximum impact. Doug Hyde’s artworks are often heart warming and uplifting, stirring a fondness within the viewer for the subject in the painting.

This is Doug Hyde’s aim- to provoke a positive response in people, and his success in this intention has made a huge impact on the British and international art scene. He has also raised money for charity through the sale of his artwork. No wonder his original pastel works have become collector’s items!

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