Dazzling Cityscape Artwork by Henderson Cisz

Henderson Cisz paints in a very characteristic fashion with soft tones and paints many images of cities in a beautifully mood stirring style. Henderson loves to paint the diversity of urban life, bringing out the effect of weather on the appearance of the urban environment. Not only does this subtly affect the way the people in the painting are standing, but it affects the way the observer feels too.

A new exclusive signed limited edition Collector’s Box Set captures the very essence of these stunning images in a range of specially commissioned limited edition prints and a stylish full colour book. The stunning retrospective is packed with classic Henderson Cisz Artwork and finally provides some background to the art world’s international man of mystery.

A selection of these magnificent artworks are available to buy online. Browse our Henderson Cisz range to see them for yourself.

Vote for Your Favourite Modern Artist in The Times

The Times newspaper, in association with the Saatchi Gallery, are running a poll to find out who is the Nation’s favourite modern artist working since 1900 and have compiled a list on-line from which to vote or you can nominate your favourite artist, if yours in not included on their list.
Listed are some of the most influential painters, sculptors, photographers, video and installation artists of the period with the likes of Jack Vettriano, Doug Hyde and Rolf Harris included to name a few – simply click on each name to learn more about them.
You can vote on-line for your favourite artist by going to The Times On-Line via the link below. The top 200 artists will be announced in The Times in May 2009.
But be quick- you have only today or tomorrow to register your vote, as voting closes on Wednesday 18th February 2009.

Inspirational New Wall Decor and Artwork

Our new collections are starting to arrive for our spring release and will be available online as soon as possible. We have an excellent choice of new metal wall sculptures now on offer at the Enid Hutt Gallery with a selection of smaller designs in abstract, botanical and marine styles. These adaptable sculptures are perfect for any tight spot or hallway where you are limited for depth or overall size of the sculpture.

Our new limited edition prints are expected to be a huge hit this year with many already being sold out before they even reach the gallery. With releases from world renowned artists such as Doug Hyde, Henderson Cisz, Alexander Millar and Peter Smith, we are sure there will be something that catches your eye. It’s certainly going to be another interesting year with established Scottish artist Lesley-Anne Derks joining the limited edition market, gracing us with five new limited edition boxed canvas prints and the likes of Neil Dawson and Caroline Shotton releasing very strong new collections of contemporary artwork.

Our most popular mirror, the Multi Facet wall mirror is now available in various styles and sizes. The timeless style and degree of light these mirrors can reflect is truly amazing and is the perfect finishing touch to any feature wall. With our current designs in a more symmetrical style, our new randomly placed facet mirrors will grab anyone’s attention.

We are now able to offer a lovely selection of miniature frameless wall mirrors in most of the designs which are currently available in larger sizes. This stunning new collection of wall mirrors will brighten any corner and is just perfect for any gift with the lower price point of under £70.

As well as all our fantastic new products on offer for spring 2009 we have moved forward with our logistics and partnered with a fantastic specialist overnight deliver service which helps maintain our excellent customer service and stress free shopping experience knowing that your artwork or mirror will arrive safely, handled with care.

Orders can now be placed up to 3pm for dispatch the same day and delivered the next working day by 4pm. We can also deliver our wall decor uk and worldwide.

Scrumptious New Prints from Sarah Jane Szikora

The Enid Hutt Gallery is delighted to announce the release of 8 New limited edition prints from one of the most creative and humorous painters of the 21st century, continuing the legacy of the ever famous ‘Gingerbread Man’. Her paintings bring to life much viewing pleasure linking memories of our childhood and the humour in everyday adult life. In today’s uncertain financial climate- they practically bring a credit crunch bursting happiness!

The new limited edition prints- now in three formats; Giclee Print, Canvas Print and Deluxe Canvas Print the latter having the option of hand embellishment and ‘buttons’ on the outside edge of the canvas. Now available to pre-order.

The prints are even more exclusive than her previous editions with very small numbers of each published by her new publishing company. Consisting of 97 on paper and 47 printed directly on to canvas as well as 3 artist proofs of each medium.

The simple but brilliant ideas of these amazing new limited edition prints has surpassed all expectations from fans worldwide, with a few editions already selling out before they can even reach galleries. We have a limited amount of prints available on paper, canvas and deluxe canvas, to view the full collection click here.

At the Enid Hutt Gallery ,you can purchase Sarah Jane Szikora prints including Sarah Jane Szikora Canvas Prints. We also deliver our wall decor uk and worldwide.