How a Mirror can change the look and feel of a room

We’re all aware that mirrors can have an ability to change how we see a room and the space within it. Oddly though, it seems that a lot of people are missing the trick. Mirrors are seen as purely functional items. They help with making us look presentable before we leave the house, certainly. However, with a little thought behind the shape of the mirror, and where they’re placed, the difference can be incredible.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is placing a mirror directly opposite a door or window. Naturally reflecting the light creates this wonderful illusion of broader spaces. It seems obvious when you think about it; it makes perfect sense, and is fairly easy to achieve.

What of the odd shapes of room? The awkward walls and elongated spaces?

Sometimes it’s those peculiar nooks and crannies that attract us to a house. But those very individualities can be a headache when we try to get creative. Surprisingly, it’s not such a pain to enhance those difficult rooms. Long corridors and thin rooms lend themselves to this very well. By placing a mirror on the longest wall, the impression of depth is added, and the shorter walls are balanced out.

When we take away the purely functional aspect of the mirror, a new world opens up to us, and our homes unfold in beautiful and interesting new ways.

Smarty Pants – A New Exhibition Of Works from Sarah Jane Szikora

Following the success of her recent independent print releases, Sarah Jane Szikora has named the date for her next originals exhibition to be held in Cork Street, London. For one week only from the 14th September, you can see a collection of brand new paintings. Included will be the originals of the recently published pieces, including ‘Makeover’.

Another exciting part of the exhibition will be ‘Smarty Pants’ – a new limited edition print due for release soon, watch this space! This amazing image will definitely capture the hearts and minds of all her fans once again and shows Sarah Jane Szikora’s endless imagination and talent.

All details of the new releases are to be confirmed- meanwhile all are invited to attend the fabulous exhibition of original paintings in London at Gallery27, 27 Cork Street, Mayfair, London W1S 3NG.

For more information on any of Sarah Jane Szikora’s limited edition prints or originals please contact the gallery, pre-orders are being taken for her new release Smarty Pants.