Browse Art and Wall Mirrors Online While on the Move…

With the increasing number of smart phones available today, browsing the web can now not only be done at home but on the move. This way of shopping for art online has blown the industry away giving people the ability to search online while out shopping and visiting galleries. Making a decision is never easy on the spot but on more occasions than not, when it comes to a piece of art it will probably be gone by the time you go back to buy it. Searching online while on the move is a great way to make sure that your making the right decision, especially when buying original art.

Our website fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and browsing with our quick shop function makes it even easier to find art and mirrors enabling you to refining your results as you go and with our speedy checkout and address lookup, buying is just the same if not easier than doing it at home.

Many of our customers are already buying online from their phones, the increasing number of people switching over to the high tech smart phones has taken the world by storm with a reported 17.4% of the UK population using the devices in 2009. An estimated 1 billion iPhones have been purchased since its release in 2008 and is particularly good for browsing online and we’ve also created a lovely little icon so you can spot it instantly amongst your favourite apps.

Why not check it out now and bookmark our site to your home screen.