Deknudt Mirrors Release Exclusive Brand Of Mirrors ‘Reflect+’

Deknudt Mirrors

Reflect+ is a new level of mirror manufacturing bringing a quality to the current market which has never before been achieved for large distribution. Made exclusively from pilkington glass and manufactured while still in liquid form. The whole manufacturing process is completed within 3 weeks of making of the glass. This enables Deknudt Mirrors to create these mirrors to nothing less than perfect in every way.

Welcome to the world of exclusive mirrors – Exclusive in design and perfection in finish and reflection. Reflect+ stands for a top design collection of mirrors and mirror objects. Reflect+ mirrors are not simply mirrors, they are pieces of wall art, created with mirrors. The “+” is the guarantee for the best reflection in the cristal mirror glass, a perfect finish of the glass edges, the frame, the composition etc. It also stands for “MORE”, as the collections reflects more than your interior or what it sees. The mirrors of Reflect+ do reflect the spirit and your love for design mirrors and mirrors of perfect quality.

Reflect+ is the new exclusive brand of the Belgian mirror supplier Deknudt Mirrors. The collection is boldly contemporary and plays with light, form and movement. Reflect+ opts passionately for design with each of the mirrors having its own unique personality and impeccable quality.

Deknudt Mirrors is part of “Deknudt Mirror Group”, which has been passionate about making mirrors for 65 years in its own production workshops staffed by experienced and highly skilled craftsmen in Deerlijk, Belgium. Making a mirror requires craftsmanship, as well as a full mastery and understanding of the technical processes involved. Deknudt Mirror Group is internationally recognised as THE leading manufacturer on the mirror market.

The collection is still in a very early stage of making their way to the walls of galleries and stores worldwide. If you would like more information on any of the mirrors available please contact us.

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