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Exhibition of Work by Alexander Millar – A Working Man

Alexander Millar Artist
Enid Hutt Gallery To Exhibit Renowned Alexander Millar Collection of Artwork.

Enid Hutt Gallery, the popular family run contemporary art gallery, is delighted to announce the showcase of a stunning collection of artwork by acclaimed Scottish artist Alexander Millar in Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy.

Exhibition will run in the Aberdeen gallery from 26th April – 10th May 2014 and then move to Kirkcaldy 10th May – 18th May 2014.And So It Goes by Alexander Millar

The ‘Working Man’ contemporary collection, inspired by the steel workers and miners of Alexander’s childhood will include a large collection consisting of a mixture of limited edition prints, original oils and sketches ranging from £200 – £50,000 pounds each.

Alexander has worked to capture the ordinary details of the bygone British working class men and women, detailing a stunning insight into an era long departed. Here is my Valley by Alexander MillarHis work has been hailed throughout the art world.

Enid Hutt Gallery is absolutely delighted to be welcoming this collection. Alexander Millar’s work is famous for its focus on the hardworking people from his childhood and this is something that will resonate with many people in Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy.

Alexander Millar is a globally recognised artist who is held in high regard with many art enthusiasts. We can’t wait to share his stunning work with our customers and other art lovers.Angels by Alexander Millar

Enid Hutt Gallery is located at the following addresses:
500 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TT
Tel: 01224 643500
27 St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 2QF
Tel: 01592 643227

Exhibition will run in Aberdeen from 26th April – 10th May 2014 and then move to Kirkcaldy 10th May – 18th May 2014.

To view and buy original and limited edition artwork by Alexander Millar please follow this link:

Buy Original Artwork and Limited Edition Prints by Alexander Millar

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20130905-002227.jpgThe Enid Hutt Gallery is delighted to announce the anticipated launch of Stunning limited edition sculpture from artists like Salvador Dali and Michael Talbot with some of the most amazing and detailed bronze sculpture available today. 20130905-002741.jpgWe have an array of standing sculptures but also stock an amazing selection if wall sculptures by Artisan House. Metal wall art is another popular choice for many sculpture fans and interior enthusiasts alike, Artisan House is a US collaboration of artists and metals workers making and designing contemporary metal wall art at a reasonable price.

We have held a large selection of collectible sculptures and wall art for some time and Sculpture Gallery can help showcase this fabulous collection giving them the attention they deserve. Our collections consists of various medium, hot cast bronze, cold cast bronze, brightly coloured cold cast porcelain and hand painted resin, the latter being favoured by the likes of Doug Hyde and Peter Smith.

If you enjoy animal sculptures then the Richard Cooper Bronze collection is for you.Richard Cooper Bronze is one of our larger collections and include a vast range of animal and figurative lead designs. 20130905-002625.jpgIncluded in the collection is Michael Simpson, a classic bronze artist with subject varying from Stags, Hares, Owls and various international wildlife, there is also a fantastic range of miniature open edition sculptures from Butler and Peach consisting of various wildlife and farm animals, always great for gifts.

You can visit Sculpture Gallery here.

Carl Payne – A little bit about this amazing figurative sculptor

Carl Payne’s extraordinary figurative sculpture is based on traditional tenets but has a bold contemporary style which has won him collectors from all over the world.20130503-225359.jpg

He creates his stunning bronze sculpture in the UK with an amazing mastery of technique. His complex and hugely rewarding process demands patience, accuracy, commitment and artistry.

Carl is inspired by music, the female form and a host of artistic figures including Rodin, Alfred Gilbert and Charles Sargant Jagger, as well as many of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Born in Staffordshire in 1969 Carl studied Figurative Sculpture and received his first public sculpture commission in 2000. 20130503-225528.jpgSince then the list of his completed commissioned work is extensive, including King George and Queen Mary for the ballroom of Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 cruise ship, ‘Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross’ which was unveiled by Princess Anne at Banbury, and George Best, Bobby Moore and Pele for private collectors.

His personal favourite is the Sir Stanley Matthews statue at the Britannia stadium: Technically challenging, dynamic, historical and unique, it was voted the best sporting statue in Europe.

To view Carl Payne’s current collection click here.

Carl Payne – New Releases from the Award Winning Sculpture.

20130425-030005.jpgWe are delighted to showcase some fantastic new pieces from the latest Bronze sculpture collection by Carl Payne now available to view in the Gallery.

Two new pieces ‘Leap of Faith’ & ‘Dancing the Dream’ have just arrived and are stunning examples of Carl’s work –
Carl Payne creates his outstanding bronze sculpture in the UK with an incredible mastery of skill. His intricate and hugely rewarding process demands patience, accuracy, dedication and artistry.20130425-030102.jpg

Carl Payne’s extraordinary figurative sculptures have a definite contemporary twist inspired by music, the female form and a host of artistic figures including Rodin, Alfred Gilbert and Charles Sargant Jagger, as well as many of the Pre-Raphaelites, which has won him collectors from all over the globe.

Visit our website to see the full collection.

Stunning new artworks and artists for Autumn 2012

20120907-225119.jpgThis autumn sees an amazing addition of both new artists and new work from current artists. The diverse array of artwork from our current artists only gets better. We have some amazing and very exciting new signed limited edition prints available on canvas or paper from Craig Davison. Capturing some of the heroes and imaginations from our childhood – quite possibly his best yet. Another fantastic artist to win us over once again is Doug Hyde, with his funky little sculptures of cars full to the brim and loveable cuddly bears and bunnies, this collection of limited editions in print and sculpture will be the perfect addition to any collection this autumn.20120907-230640.jpg

The new additions don’t stop there, we are extremely excited to announce the new signing of Stuart McAlpine Miller. Stuart graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1990 where he went on to do his first solo exhibition the next year at the Trinity Gallery, London. He then went on to do numerous exhibitions and shows. Stuart McAlpine Miller was also behind many advertising and marketing campaigns for large corporates including Renault, McVities, Virgin, Persil the list goes on. Having worked to develop his unique style McAlpine Miller is now concentrating on an exciting new series of work as premiered at Memories &Futures, Grosvenor Street in Mayfair 2010.

20120907-230900.jpg2012 presents McAlpine Miller with an exciting residency at The Savoy Hotel. He will be creating a series of 8 paintings to feature in their iconic foyer. This is alongside other high profile commissions in both London and Hong Kong.

Keep looking back for updates on editions, current sell outs on publication already include Stuart McAlpine Miller, Craig Davison and Doug Hyde. To avoid disappointment please contact us as soon as possible.

Editions will be available online soon, if you would like to secure a piece please let us know via email or telephone.

New Bronze Sculptures Added To Our Collection

Pig Sculpture

An extensive collection of stunning new bronze sculptures are available to view on our website, from traditional wildlife and animals to stunning figurative dancers and portraits. Richard Cooper and Company work with UK sculptors and designers to create stunning and unique foundry bronze sculptures. Products range from the flamboyant figurative work of Landanski, through to the detailed wildlife studies of Michael Simpson. All bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished either using traditional patinas or by hand painting with acrylics and enamels. Prices start at £25.

wren with pinecones keith sherwin bronze sculpture

Bronze has been valued from the earliest civilisations in Greece, Egypt and Rome to current times today. It has been used to make many things like utensils, weapons, furniture, statues, and monuments. In fact virtually anything that needs strength and must wear indefinitely.

Fascinating to realise that a foundry from the old world would employ similar techniques to today’s. Naturally there have been improvements over the generations but the system remains intact and true to the heritage. The same high skill level to manage the intense heat generated in the process is needed, yet at the same time a delicate hand has to create the rich patina associated with bronze. A product from the ancient world would look similar if crafted today.

Click here to view and buy from our full range of bronze sculptures

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Richard Cooper & Company – View every sculpture available, we can also have bespoke commissioned pieces made to order if required.

New Collection of Sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn

You are invited to view a forth coming exhibition of works by Lorenzo Quinn at the Enid Hutt Gallery – running in conjunction with an exclusive feature of original pieces by the leading sculptor at the Halcyon Gallery, London. The exhibition will run from the 21st of November until Christmas.

Internationally renowned sculptor Lorenzo Quinn is regarded as one of the leading contemporary sculptors in the world. Inspired by the great masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini, Carpaux and Rodin, Lorenzo’s monumental sculptures transmit emotion and meaning. His passion and strongly held political and religious views evidently flow through his work.

The multi award winning sculptor has reached many heights with his amazing pieces of figurative bronze art and is Included in many private collections throughout the World which lead to many prestigious commissioned pieces.

Work undertaken includes the likeness of Saint Anthony, in commemoration of the Eighth Centennial of the Saint’s birth. Lorenzo’s sculpture was blessed by the Holy Father in Saint Peter’s Square before it was placed in the Basilica del Santo in Padua in 1995. He has also been commissioned by United Nations to produce a stamp for their collection, as well as placing several monumental sculptures though out the UK & Europe.

For a short period of time his stunning limited edition reproduction sculptures will be touring the UK, along side an exclusive exhibition of original works at the Halcyon Gallery, London. The touring exhibition is to feature some of Lorenzo Quinn’s best work to date consisting of a collection of 8 pieces, 3 of which are brand new creations.

For a sneak preview and to pre-order any pieces from the collection please click here to visit our online gallery.

Please contact us if you would like to be sent an invite and brochure to the showing of Lorenzo Quinn’s new work, please visit the contact us page and submit your enquiry

Sculptures from Some of Our Best Selling Artists

Many of the artists available at the Enid Hutt Gallery are not only great painters but also sculptors, and love creating 3 dimensional pieces of art which bring their paintings to reality. Our outstanding range of unique sculpture is a great addition to the already highly collectable paintings from some of the country’s leading artists. Hand crafted using the finest materials appropriate to each piece, be it bronze, bronze resin or hand painted resins.

Hand painted resin is the most popular material used in creating contemporary sculpture reproductions. This is where the artist’s original forms the basis for a mould and from this mould the raw resin sculptures are produced. The raw resin begins its finishing process with refining and finally but most importantly hand painting. In particular, two of our top selling artists Doug Hyde and Peter Smith benefit from using hand painted resin- a perfect match for their contemporary styles.

Many other, more rustic artists like Lorenzo Quinn or Joy Kirton Smith prefer the medium of bronze resin or solid bronze. A bronze sculpture is an original piece of artwork, individually cast and made using the Lost Wax Process. A normal edition run for a bronze is between 1 and 8. However, each piece is classed as an original due to the individual way it is made.

The ‘bronze resin’ process is unique. From the artist original, a mould is handmade in clay to ensure accurate reproduction of the original. Using a mixture of natural compounds, the resin sculpture is then produced, before being finished and polished. Each sculpture is then engraved with its edition number and coated with a layer of pure bronze.

Another great part of the Enid Hutt Gallery’s 2009 collection is the new Metal Wall Art and Wall Sculpture Range, a very adaptable style of sculpture. The clean cut lines and various tones of welded and brazed metals suit any room and are ever changing in the natural and artificial light.

The new collection boats fantastic and unusual abstract designs made in the California workshop of Artisan House. Artisan House wall sculptures elevate the look of any room or outdoor setting thanks to a comprehensive array of designs showcasing multi-colored, cool and warm tones; nature-themed pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire. Tabletop and freestanding floor pieces also make dynamic statements in the home or out-of-doors.