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We are delighted to invite you to view our fantastic new Spring 09 Collection.

This season see’s the launch of some exciting new artists as well as looking into new releases of current established artists like Neil Dawson, Philip Gray, Sheree Valentine Daines and Fabian Perez. Obviously, as always, art is better viewed first hand, however if you can’t make it into the gallery and don’t want to miss out you can view some of the new range in our online versions of The Fine Art Collector and Fine Art Preview magazines now by clicking here on this link.

With exciting new tips from the forever famous queen of the television DIY makeover, Carol Smillie – art lover, painter and sculptor, and busy Glasgow mother of three, still has a keen eye for interiors and what makes a room work – or not! We also take an up close and personal look at Fabian Perez’s new pieces and catch up on all the latest developments in the art world.

With all these exciting and affordable new releases from all of our top selling artists we are sure this Spring range has something for everyone, so why not start clicking (flicking) through our new online versions of these magazines or pop into the gallery today and see for yourself how art can enhance your home!
Not only is reading online a great, fast way of finding out what’s happening in today’s world of art but it will reducing your carbon footprint. Unlike a newspaper which is being distributed worldwide already, and has been argued that it can be almost equal to reading on paper. The magazines we offer are less available publicly as they are from galleries only and this means that it costs more in terms of ‘greenness’ to distribute these magazines by post.

This is where comes in, Washington Green Fine Art has invested in having their publication, the Fine Art Collector published interactively by Yudu who create amazing carbon neutral publications which work as if you are really reading the magazine. To make sure all YUDU digital publications are as carbon neutral as possible, they completely offset all their CO2 emissions by donating money to Carbon Clear, a leading carbon management company. They invest in projects that improve living standards in developing countries and which provide global climate benefits with clean energy projects and reforestation initiatives and their main goal is to eventually have everyone reading online.

So see what you think and have a read online and click here to read all our literature and magazines online.

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