New Doug Hyde Prints and Sculptures

Multi-award winning artist and peoples’ favourite Doug Hyde simply can’t go wrong. His fabulous new collection of heart-warming images and sculptures is now available online and in the gallery and is enjoying an ecstatic reception.

Stylish, engaging, and brimming with personality, these must-have pieces feature a delightful cast of characters, including both familiar faces and some new friends. Doug Hyde’s Artwork has an innovative style that speaks directly to the people’s emotions by summarising love, desires, wishes and dreams, and has turned him into a genuine artist of the people, for the people.

He brings together the naïve charm of his distinctive, uplifting style with an unprecedented compositional sophistication. While Doug’s artistic journey has taken him from monotonal figurative work to blazing technicolour narratives, these images deploy a new language both in terms of colour, and in a range of elegant formal devices which convey his artistic and personal messages.

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