Scrumptious New Prints from Sarah Jane Szikora

The Enid Hutt Gallery is delighted to announce the release of 8 New limited edition prints from one of the most creative and humorous painters of the 21st century, continuing the legacy of the ever famous ‘Gingerbread Man’. Her paintings bring to life much viewing pleasure linking memories of our childhood and the humour in everyday adult life. In today’s uncertain financial climate- they practically bring a credit crunch bursting happiness!

The new limited edition prints- now in three formats; Giclee Print, Canvas Print and Deluxe Canvas Print the latter having the option of hand embellishment and ‘buttons’ on the outside edge of the canvas. Now available to pre-order.

The prints are even more exclusive than her previous editions with very small numbers of each published by her new publishing company. Consisting of 97 on paper and 47 printed directly on to canvas as well as 3 artist proofs of each medium.

The simple but brilliant ideas of these amazing new limited edition prints has surpassed all expectations from fans worldwide, with a few editions already selling out before they can even reach galleries. We have a limited amount of prints available on paper, canvas and deluxe canvas, to view the full collection click here.

At the Enid Hutt Gallery ,you can purchase Sarah Jane Szikora prints including Sarah Jane Szikora Canvas Prints. We also deliver our wall decor uk and worldwide.

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