Sculptures from Some of Our Best Selling Artists

Many of the artists available at the Enid Hutt Gallery are not only great painters but also sculptors, and love creating 3 dimensional pieces of art which bring their paintings to reality. Our outstanding range of unique sculpture is a great addition to the already highly collectable paintings from some of the country’s leading artists. Hand crafted using the finest materials appropriate to each piece, be it bronze, bronze resin or hand painted resins.

Hand painted resin is the most popular material used in creating contemporary sculpture reproductions. This is where the artist’s original forms the basis for a mould and from this mould the raw resin sculptures are produced. The raw resin begins its finishing process with refining and finally but most importantly hand painting. In particular, two of our top selling artists Doug Hyde and Peter Smith benefit from using hand painted resin- a perfect match for their contemporary styles.

Many other, more rustic artists like Lorenzo Quinn or Joy Kirton Smith prefer the medium of bronze resin or solid bronze. A bronze sculpture is an original piece of artwork, individually cast and made using the Lost Wax Process. A normal edition run for a bronze is between 1 and 8. However, each piece is classed as an original due to the individual way it is made.

The ‘bronze resin’ process is unique. From the artist original, a mould is handmade in clay to ensure accurate reproduction of the original. Using a mixture of natural compounds, the resin sculpture is then produced, before being finished and polished. Each sculpture is then engraved with its edition number and coated with a layer of pure bronze.

Another great part of the Enid Hutt Gallery’s 2009 collection is the new Metal Wall Art and Wall Sculpture Range, a very adaptable style of sculpture. The clean cut lines and various tones of welded and brazed metals suit any room and are ever changing in the natural and artificial light.

The new collection boats fantastic and unusual abstract designs made in the California workshop of Artisan House. Artisan House wall sculptures elevate the look of any room or outdoor setting thanks to a comprehensive array of designs showcasing multi-colored, cool and warm tones; nature-themed pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire. Tabletop and freestanding floor pieces also make dynamic statements in the home or out-of-doors.

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