New Bronze Sculptures Added To Our Collection

Pig Sculpture

An extensive collection of stunning new bronze sculptures are available to view on our website, from traditional wildlife and animals to stunning figurative dancers and portraits. Richard Cooper and Company work with UK sculptors and designers to create stunning and unique foundry bronze sculptures. Products range from the flamboyant figurative work of Landanski, through to the detailed wildlife studies of Michael Simpson. All bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished either using traditional patinas or by hand painting with acrylics and enamels. Prices start at £25.

wren with pinecones keith sherwin bronze sculpture

Bronze has been valued from the earliest civilisations in Greece, Egypt and Rome to current times today. It has been used to make many things like utensils, weapons, furniture, statues, and monuments. In fact virtually anything that needs strength and must wear indefinitely.

Fascinating to realise that a foundry from the old world would employ similar techniques to today’s. Naturally there have been improvements over the generations but the system remains intact and true to the heritage. The same high skill level to manage the intense heat generated in the process is needed, yet at the same time a delicate hand has to create the rich patina associated with bronze. A product from the ancient world would look similar if crafted today.

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