Artists Peter Smith and Caroline Shotton Help Raise £4,810 for Comic Relief!

Last month six talented artists from Washington Green Fine Art created a signed ‘doodle’ that was auctioned off on eBay in aid of Comic Relief; and have raised a sensational total of £4,810.

Many other celebrities such as Lenny Henry and Joanna Lumley, to name just a few, were also asked to create doodles; however the 6 artists featured all held the highest selling bids and it was soon apparent who the real celebrities were.

The doodles were sold for the following amounts…

Caroline Shotton – £671
Jeff Rowland – £523
Paul Horton – £601
Peter Smith – £555
John Wilson – £455
Alexander Millar – £2,005

All proceeds went to Comic Relief 2009.

All other celebrities, thirteen in total raised £ 544.19 between them. So as you can see the above artists raised a phenomenal amount, so It really does pay to invest in art!

All at the Enid Hutt Gallery would like to say a big WELL DONE to all participants for raising such a fantastic amount for Comic Relief.

Astounding New Limited Edition Prints from Todd White

We are delighted to be able to announce the release of 6 new limited edition prints from Todd White.

His work has caught the imagination of art collectors around the world in addition to many Hollywood celebrities, members of the Rich List and ambassadors of the high life. In a rapid rise to fame he has become one of the most popular and successful living artists in the world. His reputation is international, not only as an exhilarating and revered artistic talent but also as a style icon. Todd White is the creator of highly collectible and much sought after items of designer wall décor, and his work more so than any other has become the thing to have on a wall.

Born in 1969, Todd White came from humble roots. During his twenties he seized upon an opportunity to relocate to Hollywood, where one of his key career spells came at Warner Bros. Studios. Through character development he began to forge his own artistic style and became part of the lead design team for several internationally renowned animation series, including SpongeBob SquarePants.

His desire to reveal his subjects’ innermost thoughts provide timeless scenes of attraction and intimacy; beneath the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters there is truth, both ours and theirs. We experience the subjects in Todd White’s work every day, offering us intrigue and interest, changing the way we perceive the people we encounter and the roles we play around each other. He studies body language, utilising the nuances of his source material to capture the subtleties of what one shows and hides.

Since his earliest artworks, Todd White has continued to develop and refine his work, exploring new techniques and studying the broader and deeper aspects of his subjects. His recent pieces of art demonstrate his ever-evolving artistic maturity, and represent the journey of an accomplished artist in control of his medium.

Stunning New Canvas Art Prints & Original Wall Decor

Angie Thomas, Adelene Fletcher and Amanda McAndrews are a few of the select artists behind a collection of original and printed artwork from Art Marketing designed to compliment popular tastes and trends for home furnishing and corporate settings, adding wonderful statements and accents of colour.

These artists create the beautiful and stunning original paintings by imaginatively exploring the use of colour, texture, hand-leafing and the skillful layering of mediums. Many of them available as boxed canvas and framed pictures, these popular artworks form an exclusive collection of open edition home furnishings framed and printed on real canvas from the Wight Studios of Art marketing.

Stunning floral images are the most popular subject from the three artists, the more popular being Angie Thomas who creates the most striking floral canvas artwork in both original and printed canvas art. Angie has explored new techniques creating these bold florals which have been widely acknowledged as truly wonderful works of art. She freely yet modestly admits that she is not so concerned with the literal translation of a particular subject but instead enjoys capturing the atmosphere and charm that embraces her as she teases her brush and palette knife across the canvas.

A perfect example of this, is the new floral range from the 2009 collection called ‘Trail Blazers’ and these amazing and striking new canvasses certainly do capture the atmosphere and charm that she strives to transfer from imagination to canvas, a sample image is shown above- called ‘Red Hot’.

New Canvas and Boxed Metal Original Wall Decor

This up and coming artist is not so up and coming anymore, after only a couple of years in the art and wall decor market, Clare Wright has stormed galleries and collectors worldwide with her stunning innovative collection of Swarovski crystal canvas artwork. Using the Swarovski crystals to enhance the simple and stylish artwork she manages to capture the light and detail of the subjects she paints giving an almost 3 dimensional look, simply amazing.

Clare has released a brand new medium with stunning new contemporary designs of floral and abstract subjects using a new, unique painting technique with liquid glass and Swarovski crystals painted on a metal boxed canvas. This new metal wall art brings a whole new perspective to her work with ever changing light both with movement and times of day, they really have to be seen to appreciate the effective detail.

Born in 1968 (nee Brannigan) in London, in the middle of seven children, Clare was educated at Notre Dame and St.Pauls before finishing her schooling in Southport in the 1980’s. After her ‘A’ Levels Clare attended the Universite du Maine at Le Mans, France and there began her great love of European culture and art. In her pursuance for a ‘career which incorporated travel and ‘character building’ experiences, Clare chose to study Nautical Science in the north east and qualified as a Navigation Officer as Esso Internationals first female officer, and then subsequently BP Shipping. Her career continued shoreside as Liverpool Docks first female dockmaster, radar officer and berth manager before finishing in 2003. Clare’s ‘splash’ back into the art world does not surprise those who know her as her artistic talent has been evident from a young child and as her artwork displays her designs are vibrant , enthusiastic and original. Clare is also the niece of the renowned equestrian artist Desmond Tallon.

Clare’s business Zenith Art is thriving on her flair for contemporary use of colour, texture and the themes she focuses on. Her growing popularity has carried her reputation far afield and her work now compliments homes from London to Dubai. Clare’s art is now sought after by individuals and designers alike who choose Clare’s innovative canvasses to create or simply compliment a room setting. Clare also undertakes specific commissions ranging from canvas work to wall murals and hand painted furniture, please contact us if more information, we deliver our wall decor uk and worldwide.