New Artist Paresh Nrshinga Added To Our Collection

Paresh Nrshinga

Paresh Nrshinga has been a full time contemporary artist for the past ten years. His abstract paintings are evolving into an explosion of colour and emotion. Through Nrshinga’s passion for music he has developed a unique flair for transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto the canvas. The colour and movement of the work create vibrant visual effects second to no other artist.

Paresh Nrshinga - Originals

Since an early age Nrshinga has been influenced by the colours of an often vibrant world. He draws the energies from the spirituality and extensive travels throughout Africa, India and Europe which have a lasting and profound effect on Nrshinga. Artists such as Pollock, Klimt and Warhol have helped mould Nrshinga’s work into the flirtation with Abstract Expressionism that it is today.

Paresh Nrshinga has been the top selling artist in many Galleries around the world. His paintings are enormously popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality and mysticism. You can view and buy his original artwork here.

Paresh Nrshinga - Summer Bouquet II

Abstract Paintings By Paresh Nrshinga – Nrshinga specialises in contemporary abstract paintings using a very unique style of painting both through the use of colour and personal technique creating a vibrant mix of movement and emotion.

Click here to view and buy original abstract art by Paresh Nrshinga

See our Artwork on ITV 60 Minute Makeover

See our artwork on the hit show 60 Minute Makeover on ITV today between 2pm and 3pm. 60 Minute Makeover is ITV1’s daily interior design series, packed with amazing surprise makeovers. Originally presented by popular TV presenter and Interior designer Linda Barker who was instrumental in awakening the public’s interest in home design with the BBC’s pioneering show Changing Rooms, and became one of the best known designers in the UK.

There’s not just good artwork and mirrors but whole rooms of goodies on the show waiting to give you some inspiration. If you spot something on the show that you like, why not have a browse through our wall decor and see if there is anything that catches your eye. We have thousands of products available whether your looking for a nice mirror, metal wall art, or canvas print.

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Fine Art Collector Magazine

Recently published Art Magazines available now to download via the links below. Featuring some of our best selling artists and new comers not to mention the articles and features within. There’s always something well worth a read especially a peek at the artwork. Both magazines are published by the leading publishers in the UK Demontfort Fine Art and Washington Green Fine Art. Both these publishers provide us with an exclusive opportunity to provide you with these stunning works of art. Many of the artists include Fabian Perez, Alexander Millar, Rob Hefferan, Hamish Blakely, Doug Hyde and Rolf Harris to name a few.

Fine Art Preview

The magazines are released twice yearly and will be featured here on our blog where you can keep up to date with all that’s happening with your favourite artist.

You can view magazines via the DeMontfort Fine Art Website:

Stunning New Decorative Mirrors in Various Designs

Thalia Gold Decorative Wall Mirror

We have just received delivery of some beautiful new decorative wall mirrors. These kind of mirrors are useful as well as beautiful and can be used in various places like the back wall at the end of a short hallway or even a stairway to make it appear longer or higher. Or why not make it more of a feature in your lounge or dining room. Things like this can create a talking point.

Most of our decorative mirrors can be found in unique frames and can come in a variety of colours. Silver being a popular choice at the moment there has been a huge addition of silver mirrors in the past few years. A perfect example of this is our Square Ribbon Wall Mirror (below), a decorative mirror like this is often used more as a feature or like a sculpture rather than a mirror.

Square Silver Ribbon Mirror

The mirror to our right is another great mirror to create a feature, a bit more understated but this kind of mirror can create lots of space and feeling of depth. The concaved frame draws you in while the pierced ribbed sections adds more light and dimension creating that feeling of depth. Picture does not do it justice, a stunning decorative but useful wall mirror. We have many different styles of decorative mirrors whether its something with a more traditional feel or a bit more style led.

You can view our full collection of decorative wall mirrors on our website. A great place for wall decor. Search and compare only wall mirrors on our sister website An easy place to shop for wall mirrors online.

New Bronze Sculptures Added To Our Collection

Pig Sculpture

An extensive collection of stunning new bronze sculptures are available to view on our website, from traditional wildlife and animals to stunning figurative dancers and portraits. Richard Cooper and Company work with UK sculptors and designers to create stunning and unique foundry bronze sculptures. Products range from the flamboyant figurative work of Landanski, through to the detailed wildlife studies of Michael Simpson. All bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished either using traditional patinas or by hand painting with acrylics and enamels. Prices start at £25.

wren with pinecones keith sherwin bronze sculpture

Bronze has been valued from the earliest civilisations in Greece, Egypt and Rome to current times today. It has been used to make many things like utensils, weapons, furniture, statues, and monuments. In fact virtually anything that needs strength and must wear indefinitely.

Fascinating to realise that a foundry from the old world would employ similar techniques to today’s. Naturally there have been improvements over the generations but the system remains intact and true to the heritage. The same high skill level to manage the intense heat generated in the process is needed, yet at the same time a delicate hand has to create the rich patina associated with bronze. A product from the ancient world would look similar if crafted today.

Click here to view and buy from our full range of bronze sculptures

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Finalist in Fine Art Trade Guild Awards Best Art Business Website

Fine Art Trade Guild Awards 2011

We are delighted to hear is a finalist in the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards for Best Art Business Website. Were all thrilled with being nominated for a finalist and are looking forward to the big day on the 11th of June.

The Art & Framing Industry Awards are hosted by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Each year they bring together all sectors of the industry – businesses large and small – in a celebration of art and framing’s biggest successes and greatest achievements over a 12 month period. The awards will be presented at the glittering gala event on 11th June 2011 – do come back to see the finalists and again in June to find out who won what!

  • Awards categories in 2011 are:

    Art Business Website
    Art Retailer of the Year
    Best-selling Published Artist
    Best-selling Up and Coming Artist
    Best Mount Design
    Guild Challenge Framing Award
    Sales Promotion of the Year

We wish all entrants the very best in the awards and finger’s crossed!

Enid Hutt Gallery

Fine Art Trade Guild