Michael Simpson Bronze Stag Sculpture

Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson studied fine art at Staffordshire Polytechnic but it was the artistic heritage of the region which really inspired his work. A native of Stoke on Trent, Simpson was enthused by the skills of the Potteries' talented craftsmen and his fascination has helped him to create his fabulous series of figurative wildlife sculptures in bronze.

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Capturing Life in Bronze

Simpson models in clay rather than wax, preferring the material's freedom and capacity for spontaneity, attributes which are evident in the finished pieces which exhibit astonishing life and movement. Simpson brilliantly captures the joy of a moment, the athleticism of the animals and their incredible grace. Each piece is a single moment frozen in time like a movie reel paused and you feel that you could hit the play button and the animals would continue on their way.

Wide Range of Wildlife & Animals

Few artists have the ability to convey the essence of such diverse creatures as domestic dogs, birds of prey and the wildlife of the African continent. Michael Simpson draws on art, photography and his own observations to design and craft his works and we are pleased to feature many of his outstanding solid bronze sculptures here at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

Many of the pieces are signed limited editions. The range of subjects is broad and encompasses British wildlife, domestic animals and the majesty of the African elephant. Simpson's wonderful meerkats and otters are full of curiosity, his wolves have power and energy and his Bengal Tiger looks poised and ready to strike at any moment. We are also delighted to showcase his delightful Labrador Running and Hare Moon Gazing.

Timeless Sculptures

It is easy to understand why Michael Simpson bronze sculptures are enduringly popular. His keen eye, light touch and heritage materials combine to produce works of timeless quality and captivating energy that would grace any home.

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