Gina Hawkshaw original

Gina Hawkshaw

Boasting a haunting realism and incredible ambiance, Gina Hawkshaw originals would be fabulous additions to your collection. Showcasing the unique qualities of her subjects, Gina’s work features a variety of British animals rendered in amazing detail and set against plain backgrounds. These serve to ensure that the stags, hares and highland cattle truly draw the eye.

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British Artist

Gina Hawkshaw is a British artist who lives and works in the Wiltshire countryside. She didn’t start painting until as recently as 2010 but quickly decided that she wished to make a career of her art. Initially painting horses to reflect her love of all things equestrian, she joined the Society of Equestrian Artists and exhibited with them in London in 2012.

Original Wildlife Artwork

Having enjoyed enormous success painting horses, including numerous commissions, Gina began to find inspiration in wildlife, particularly British wildlife. We are sure you will enjoy her more recent compositions and we are delighted to feature her striking acrylic on canvas pieces in the Enid Hutt range.

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