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Mirrors can stand as a piece of art in their own right. Intriguing and stylish designs add bright touches and extra depth to a wall space. The range of frameless wall mirrors at The Enid Hutt Gallery are wonderfully striking, with designs that incorporate stylish, clean lines to quite outlandish concepts. While some of our frameless wall mirrors have a more traditional look, the lines between function and sculpture are blurred across the range. Odd angles that reflect points of light and incredible interlocking shapes create a unique feel.

Of the frameless wall mirrors from The Enid Hutt Gallery, choose from various designs such as our range of art deco bevelled mirrors. Each mirror is beautifully crafted with clean and classic lines, giving them a timeless appeal. The Soho and Venice style mirrors have a wonderfully simple style, in a variety of sizes, giving the utmost flexibility no matter where you choose to place these ready to hang mirrors.

For creative and original ideas, frameless wall mirrors to astound and inspire

For something quite unusual, and to provide a focal point of a room, The Enid Hutt Gallery has a selection of breathtaking items, which are as much sculptures as they are mirrors. Of these pieces, incredible items such as the 3D Block frameless wall mirror really do stand out as a piece of art. Measuring 48" x 24", this mirror, with its black, blue and clear mirrored glass is truly striking.

The impressive brick-like appearance of the Maze and Delphi Long Multi Facet wall mirrors are attractive and sophisticated pieces. This sophistication is also prevalent in the handsome Round Frameless Mirror with Strip Bevelled Detail and unusual Round Frameless Bubble Mirror. As with the other mirrors in the range, these pieces bring something a little special to your home.

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