Neil Dawson Artist

Neil Dawson

"In everyday life - flicking through papers, watching TV, walking around town - images, compositions and colours can trigger chain reactions, sparking ideas for future paintings. I am always finding torn out references from magazines or scraps of paper with notes and sketches made in moments of excitement and inspiration days or weeks ago, that serve as starting points for new work."

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Vibrant Urban Scenes

Capturing the vibrancy of the city through his wonderful choice of colours, Neil's pieces ooze energy and life through the hustle and bustle of the city.

Constantly absorbing images and experiences, artist Neil Dawson collects snapshots of the world, expressing them in the most striking of paintings.

Neil Dawson art is based on the visual, detailing the world around him. Cities in particular are a real draw - teeming with life, the views are often shown at street level. You can almost feel the air brushing against your skin from the passing traffic, or the rain as it leaves reflections on the roads and pavements.

London to New York

Capturing the very essence of the famous cities he paints, Neil Dawson art really brings out the character of the surroundings. Many of these city views depicted these worlds at night, and instead of making them seem shadowy or sinister, they are glorious in their vivid colours and bright lights. Lively and stylish, these beautiful paintings are full of personality and rich in detail.

Even though Neil Dawson art features well known monuments and buildings from cities such as London and New York, he always seems to find a new perspective. It's as though we're seeing old friends with fresh eyes, these are whole worlds to explore that unfold before us. Among the familiar images of red buses and yellow cabs are streets that pull us into the paintings themselves.

Variety of Neil Dawson Artwork

We have a selection of impressive Neil Dawson art, including stunning box canvases and signed limited editions. Hang one of these incredible paintings in your home, or give a gift of a piece of a the city to someone special.

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