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Simon Claridge

There’s no mistaking the memorable work of British artist Simon Claridge! Best known for his black and white portraits of iconic women, Claridge is notable for his use of sparkling diamond dust. We are delighted to bring you an eye-catching collection of Simon Claridge prints as signed limited-editions, many of which feature that wonderful, signature diamond dust!

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A Bold Move at the Beginning

Simon graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Fine Art. He then started work at an art gallery in Windsor where he painted prolifically, developing his unique style. He always hoped that one day, his own work would grace the walls of the gallery. One day, in an audacious move, he decided to replace the existing window display with his own paintings! By lunchtime every piece had been sold! He never had to work in a gallery again.

Iconic Women

Simon Claridge captures the beauty of the female form. He paints the iconic women of stage and screen in compositions which are carefully considered and which always inspire emotional responses. Time appears to stand still in his striking work which is collected by a celebrity clientele including Rod Stewart and David Coulthard. Simon Claridge’s paintings manage to blur the lines between fantasy and reality and always seem to strike a chord with his audience.

Our fine collection of limited edition Simon Claridge prints showcases the originality, timeless feel and captivating nature of the work produced by this talented British Artist.

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