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Jack Vettriano was born in 1951 in Fife, Scotland and became a mining engineer after leaving school at the age of 16. When he was 21 he received a set of watercolour paints from a girlfriend which started his self taught journey into the world of painting. Jack Vettriano has become one of Britain's most popular artists, capturing thoughtful moments or passionate scenes, often with a nostalgic style to his artwork. We offer an extensive selection of limited edition Jack Vettriano signed prints and open prints that are available framed or mounted.

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Signed Limited Edition & Open Edition Prints

At The Enid Hutt Gallery, a beautiful collection of Jack Vettriano prints have been released. Available as giclee prints with or without frame, these include stunning paintings that feature Vettriano's unmistakable storytelling and nostalgic touch. Among this collection, Vettriano's wonderful women are the primary focus and our collection includes some extremely rare artworks from early editions.

Powerful Artworks

Glamorous, beautiful and powerfully sexual, the women featured in these Jack Vettriano signed prints are magnificent examples of the artist's work. Vettriano's paintings are recognisable for exposing a world that is seemingly based in the 30's and 40's, of men with classically masculine silhouettes and curvaceous women in form-fitting fashions.

Timeless Style

So it might appear oddly jarring to see a young woman, free-wheeling in the open air on a pair of roller blades, iPod playing. But this is Jack Vettriano, and his imagery is timeless. When looking at 'Blades' and 'Blades II', the perfect, clean tones of a sea front are crisp and vivid, as is the sign at the top of the painting. These elements seem to create an amalgamation of a modern and art deco world. In the shadow of Methil power station at Vettriano's native Fife, Scotland, two well dressed lovers kiss passionately - perhaps a nod to his past. The image of 'A Long Time Gone' is striking; the most expressive of human emotion with a backdrop of cold industry.

Enticing Narrative

Jack Vettriano artworks 'On Parade' and 'The Temptress' are also magnificent examples of Vettriano's abilities as a storyteller. A woman in a military style parade coat is about to enter room, but is slightly hanging back; 'On Parade' has a sense of trepidation and excitement. The Jack Vettriano signed print of 'The Temptress' shows exactly that. Long, beautiful legs drape over a table on a hotel balcony. A cigarette hangs from a relaxed wrist. She is a woman that has the upper hand, knowing exactly how to entice her man.

Jack is responsible for one of the most famous and successful artworks in the UK, called The Singing Butler. It sells more posters, greetings cards and postcards than any print by any artist in the UK, and retains that despite being painted back in 1992. It's an oil on canvas, depicting a couple dancing on a beach in Fife, accompanied by a butler and a maid who are struggling to hold umbrellas against strong winds. It is not a favourite with art critics, who dislike Vettriano's 'inconsistent' lighting in the artwork, but this striking painting captured the hearts of the public and remains a strong favourite. The original was sold in 2004 for around £744,000 but you can have your very own (and more affordable) copy of The Singing Butler as a Jack Vettriano signed print or as an open edition to enjoy in your home.

About Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano's story into art is rather simple; on his 21st birthday, his girlfriend gave him a set of watercolour paints, and so he spent much of his time teaching himself to paint. When he was 38, he submitted two paintings to the Royal Scottish Academy's exhibition, and both were accepted and sold on the same day. After that, he entered the summer exhibition at London's Royal Academy and the enthusiastic response launched his new life as an artist.

Jack Vettriano was awarded an OBE in 2004 for his services to the Visual Arts, has held several solo exhibitions around the world including Hong Kong, New York, London and Edinburgh as well as being the subject of documentaries. Many have commissioned special artworks from Vettriano such as the Yacht Club of Monaco and he has accumulated several famous collectors of his paintings. More recently Jack Vettriano held a retrospective exhibition in Glasgow that looked back at 20 years of is artistic career and was a hugely popular event with record breaking numbers of visitors at the time.

Often courting controversy, these signed limited edition Jack Vettriano prints prove why Jack Vettriano is one of the most popular painters alive in the UK today.

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