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Rozanne Bell

Rozanne has developed in her work a style and a technique which make each and every painting totally unique. Roz Bell original paintings are a delight of colour, texture and charming scenes, created through layers of paint and resin. Rozanne is continually looking to develop her skills and expand her ideas to achieve a higher level of artistry.

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Rozanne Bell is a flamboyant and very sociable character with a unique creative imagination. With a love of naive art and such a sunny disposition, this reflects wonderfully in her artistic creations. Her original paintings show such energy and vibrancy through the colours and themes including flowers, animals, countryside landscapes, harbours and moonlight scenes.

Rozanne Bell has five children and her artwork is a strong part of family life. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she has shown her artwork all across southern Africa and her paintings hang in many banks and boardrooms around the world. Roz Bell believes that original art offers a richer experience to those that view it and enjoys building texture and experimenting with her mixed media materials such as resin.

In 2002, Rozanne Bell moved to England and the new environment became more inspiration to her, and she adapted to the British art market with her optimistic determination. Her latest works use architectural landscape coupled with whimsical character. Here at the Enid Hutt Gallery, we sell a collection of original artworks by the lady herself.

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