Original Abstract Art

Original Abstract Art

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we are honoured to showcase original paintings and sculpture by many leading contemporary artists. We have carefully selected an outstanding collection of original artwork by highly collectable artists who have enjoyed great critical acclaim. Diverse styles are reflected in the collection and here we put the spotlight on original abstract artwork.

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Abstract Wall Sculpture & Panels

Wall panels and wall sculpture explore texture, dimension, materials and form in exciting and inspirational pieces that bring dynamic and striking imagery to the home. Our memorable works by Clara Yasuko and Cicero Silva would grace any contemporary interior. Both artists are much collected and create highly individual and instantly recognisable work that represents a superb investment.

Original Abstract Paintings

Our collection of original abstract paintings features the work of Paresh Nrshinga, Alex Echo, John Milan, Wendy Satchwell and Charlie Butler. Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya but moved to the UK as a child and now resides in Hertfordshire. His stunning pieces are a riot of colour and emotion. Uniquely, Nrshinga paints to the rock music that inspires him, transferring the sense of movement, rhythm and power to the canvas. His colour palette and mood are influenced by his travels in Africa, India and Europe and by his intense spirituality. His work has been exhibited in many of the UK's leading galleries.

Alex Echo is an American artist whose "pattern painting" has met with great acclaim. He uses vivid colours, hidden codes and repeated elements to build complex imagery in his work. His paintings are constructed using thick layers of paint and often luminous colours which create a vibrant vision and almost fantastical landscape. Alex Echo's work has been bought by Prince Rainier of Monaco, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr., Cindy Crawford and President Jimmy Carter.

Wendy Satchwell is garnering a considerable reputation in the world of contemporary art and enjoys an international following. Several high profile celebrities are building collections of her work which boasts an incredible and hypnotic use of colour. Each piece reaches out to the individual, revealing shape, form and emotion in great depth. She has said that "What I love about creating is that my work to me has a clear strong meaning, but to my collectors or viewers, they all see something completely different."

Why Original Art?

Having a piece of original art is truly special because it is unique. It is not one of many copies, it is a one off and something that can inspire you and allow you to feel that connection with the artist themselves. See the brush marks and layers in the piece and know that the artist has spent much time and effort creating the very sculpture or painting that you see. If you are wondering why to buy original art then read more here.

We are sure that you will find art that inspires, delights and fascinates you in equal measure in our extraordinary collection of original abstract works here at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

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