Harriet Dunn bronze dog sculpture springer spaniel lying down

Harriet Dunn

There is a superb collection of Harriet Dunn sculptures available here at the Enid Hutt Gallery which all revolve around the theme of animals. Impressively lifelike in their intricate detail, these sculptures of animals have been expertly crafted in bronze.

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Capturing the Character of Animals

Harriet Dunn is a marvelously talented artist. Self-taught, Dunn has a passion for sculpture that combines with her passion for animals in the most glorious of ways. The supreme talent that she has is not only in producing all the fine details of the animals figures she sculpts, but also in the way in which these figures seem to perfectly encapsulate the hard to define character of loveable animals too.

Portraying Emotions Through Sculpture

Each sculpture she produces has a distinct warmth and depth of personality. Ideal for animal lovers and art lovers alike, these bronze sculptures seem to be able to get across a complex combination of emotions, which is an incredible feat of brilliance for a sculpture to be able to achieve.

Bronze Dog Breeds to Birds of Prey

Charming, whimsical, and in many ways moving, Harriet Dunn’s bronze animal sculptures would be a brilliant addition to the home, bringing with them a joyfulness, cheekiness, and beauty that would introduce something special to the feel and the décor of your living space. Discover all sorts of bronze dog sculptures from Dachshunds to Pugs, Labradors to Springer Spaniels and many more. Or if you are looking for bronze wildlife sculptures then explore Harriet Dunn's Golden Eagles, Door Mice or even Hippos.

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