Keith Maiden

Explore this fantastic selection of signed limited edition artwork by Keith Maiden. This hauntingly beautiful collection features figurative works in grey-scale with occasional touches of colour emerging. The sketch-like quality of Keith Maidens artwork adds to the rawness and emotion in each portrait, with the superb detailing in the faces and especially the eyes capturing your attention and drawing you in.

Buy Keith Maiden Prints - Framing Available

Keith Maidens artwork also feels rebellious or defiant with titles like 'Wake Up and Smell the Corruption' and 'Crude Reality' as well as messages and symbols in the shadows. The muted palette helps to give the artwork a ghostly appearance and the human forms fade into the empty background.

As a self taught artist Keith Maiden has developed his skill away from photorealism into his own distinctive contemporary style. The artworks use white acrylic layered with graphite and other mixed media to build depth and texture and the figures seem to be hovering somewhere between light and dark, focused and unfocused.

These captivating works are both powerful and captivating. Now you can have your very own limited edition from our collection of Keith Maiden prints and they are available framed or as boxed canvases.

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