Janet McCrorie original art scottish dancing couple

Janet McCrorie

Here at the Enid Hutt Gallery, we are lucky enough to have some wonderful Janet McCrorie originals. Creating some exquisitely figurative pieces of art which aim to depict the subtleties of the body in motion, Janet McCrorie is an extremely talented artist with a style that is her own.

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Movement & Scottish Dance in Art

Born and bred in Scotland, McCrorie often takes Scottish dance as her subject. She conjures up images which seem quite literally to dance across the surface of her art. Your eye is encouraged to move around the piece, tracing the directions of the lines and shapes as they cross over and merge into one another.

Tradition & Experimentation

Exploring the creative possibilities with different media, McCrorie’s own style is as fluid and explorative as the dancing that she is so interested in depicting. Janet McCrorie art is in fact a fantastic combination of experimental and traditional, as her techniques and the paintings themselves revolve around the breaking of boundaries, but the subject matter nonetheless often relates to a home pride for Scottish cultural traditions.

Beautiful Janet McCrorie Originals

Representing an undeniably beautiful and intricate swirl of colours and forms in movement, McCrorie’s artwork is fresh, exciting and highly sought after, having been exhibited all across Scotland and sold worldwide.

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