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Jay Nottingham

The Enid Hutt Gallery is pleased to have a wonderful selection of Jay Nottingham original acrylic artwork. Nottingham was born in Bedfordshire in 1972, where he was surrounded by colour and design from an early age through his grandfather and great grandfather both being artists. Through a passion from the beginning in the visual arts, via a process of self teaching and experimentation, Jay Nottingham has developed techniques in which he makes use of oils, acrylics and watercolour.

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Vibrant Landscapes

Well known for his versatility as an artist, Jay Nottingham's artistic lens has focused on bright and vibrant woodland scenes full of texture and colour as well as hauntingly subtle moonlit beaches which ache with a beauty at once bleak and hopeful. This ability to delve into a wide range of styles while maintaining his artistic identity is very much the mark of what could be called pure talent. As such, he continues to explore new areas and expand his own means of creative expression, all the while retaining his distinct quality.

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Jay Nottingham now lives in South Wales with his family, where he paints as a full-time artist. He has most recently been inspired to produce a moving collection of Lake District work, and the original artwork available here at Enid Hutt serve as perfect examples of just such endeavours. Nottingham's style of striking contrasts of dark and light is here used to great effect in a rendering of the iconic lakes which gestures towards familiarity yet retains the mystery and the almost menacing raw power of the Romantic landscape.

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