Art Deco Mirrors

Art deco mirrors are fantastic examples of beautiful, stylish wall decor to make your room feel really spacious. Buy Art Deco Mirrors direct from stock with next day delivery.

Art deco was a popular design movement commencing in 1925 until its demise in 1939, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior and industrial design, as well as the visual arts including fashion, art and film. This movement was, in effect, a collection of many different styles and movements of the early 20th century, including Cubism where painters such as Picasso were experimenting with space, angles and geometry. Other influences included Modernism, Art Nouveau and Futurism.

The style of Art deco involves merging geometric and angular shapes, with contrasting fabrics and materials. This unique style has been captured in our art deco mirrors, where the standard mirror design has been challenged with various individual designs.

These art deco mirrors allow you to insert personality into your home whilst giving it extra brightness and the illusion of even more space. One example of these striking mirrors is the 'Deep Vetro' black mirror which has a deep frame of black glass. This kind of design gives you a taste of what art deco mirrors are all about- bold and simple designs which catch the eye as soon as you enter the room.

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A fantastic range of modern frameless mirrors. These mirrors are a great way of making a room look larger and they reflect great light.
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