Mia Tarney Limited Edition Prints

Mia Tarney

Fabulously floral Mia Tarney limited edition prints that will add a striking yet delicate touch to your walls. Choose your favourite flower from hydrangeas to tulips and see fantastic detail within each petal and leaf.

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Mia Tarney was born in surrey in 1973. There is definitely a strong creative gene in her family as she is the daughter of songwriter and bass guitarist Alan Tarney. Mia attended Heatherley school of Fine Art in London where she studied portraiture and figurative art.

After college Mia moved away from figurative art and towards still life. She favours floral subjects as she is fascinated by how flowers are simultaneously delicate whilst showing great strength. She loves their ethereal qualities but feels their energy. She tends to paint on vast canvases in order to intensify the essence of the subject by enlarging the scale. She generates what could be described as a living wall. Her floral works can take up to four months to complete, so meticulous is her treatment. She studies light, shade and form in incredible detail to create striking and memorable compositions.

We have a stunning collection of Mia Tarney's signed limited edition prints here at the Enid Hutt Gallery. Her hydrangeas, tulips, peonies and anemones are truly transfixing. Tarney's compositions are striking focal points hung individually but can also be collected to form stunning groups. Mia Tarney's work is collected internationally and is now highly sought after.

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