Keith Sherwin sculptures

Keith Sherwin

The Enid Hutt Gallery has an expansive collection of beautiful Keith Sherwin sculptures of plants, flowers and animals. Keith Sherwin was born in Stoke on Trent, home of the Potteries, and trained as a ceramic artist with Royal Doulton at the Burslem Factory.

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Captivating Figures

As a sculptor, Keith Sherwin is self taught and works in clay. He uses his considerable talent for the craft to focus his attention on shaping captivating, dynamic and lifelike figures, drawing great inspiration from the natural world, wildlife and the human form.

Beauty of Nature

Keith’s work has been very well received, as his sculptures are admired and sold throughout the world. This is a testament to their sensitive yet visceral qualities, as his sculptures distil the beauty of nature and its design thanks to keen observation, strong integrity and rigour, and painstaking execution.

Fine Bone China, Resin & Bronze Sculptures

Here at the Enid Hutt Gallery the collection of works from Keith Sherwin exemplify his talent. There are a number of different techniques on show within the range, with figures created out of from nickel plated resin, hand painted fine bone china and bronze. The bronze sculptures in particular are limited edition and all of the pieces available here in addition come with either stamped or engraved signatures of authenticity.

The detail which is on display in all of Keith Sherwin sculptures here is magnificent, with each one capturing the essence of that which they portray, whether it be a delicate and colourful bird in flight, a powerful yet graceful greyhound mid sprint or the upward gaze of a devoted dog.

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