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Henderson Cisz

"I love the effect that weather has on the urban landscape and must confess to a particular fondness for the rain! Not only does it cast interesting shadows and reflections on the slick sidewalks, but it also dictates the stance of the figures." - Henderson Cisz

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Henderson Cisz paints in a very characteristic fashion with soft tones and paints many images of cities in a beautifully mood stirring style. Henderson Cisz was born in Brazil in 1960, and worked as a banker for a while before discovering that his real passion in life was art, and took this up full time. He moved to London in 1986 to study painting.

He has always travelled and drawn inspiration from the places he's visited. He especially finds the ocean a great source of inspiration. However, he has a great sense of belonging to the city, and many of his works are of beautiful images of the city; ranging from London to Paris and New York to Venice.

Henderson Cisz loves to paint the diversity of urban life, bringing out the effect of weather on the appearance of the urban environment. Not only does this subtly affect the way the people in the painting are standing, but it affects the way the observer feels too.

A selection of these magnificent artworks are available to buy online. Browse our Henderson Cisz range to see them for yourself. We also sell a limited edition box set called 'City Living' which includes 4 limited edition prints with certificates, as well as a book detailing Henderson's career to date. This all comes in a stunning gift box, making it a wonderful gift for any admirer of Henderson Cisz.

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